About me

Who am I? It’s a hard question. I’m certainly a person who is curious about the world. A person who loves to discover the extraordinary in everyday things. Someone who pays attention to things that others overlook.1175587_461431393964817_1957703702_n

About what I want to write? About everything. About every little detail related to the broad category of “Far East”. That’s why on my blog will be a little bit of everything: history, literature, cinema, art, cuisine and trivia of everyday life of Asian people.

Why this topic? All in all, I do not know.It started out inconspicuously, since I was interested in the Asian film. It ended up in great fascination with the people and culture of this continent.

Is my work outstanding? Definitely not. I’m a student of art history and Asian studies. I want to tie my career to the art and culture of Asia and its influences, which are visible in Europe.That’s why I’m still learning. The information which I will put on this blog will be new to you and to me.

So nice reading !! : D